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This is multi zone Indirect fired biscuit Oven suitable for general purpose biscuit baking.This Oven is divided into several independent heating zones along the Chamber.Each zone includes compulsory hot wind circulation system comprising a Combustion Chamber with Burner, Circulating fan, Turbulence fan, and the associated Duct work leading the banks of Radiator tubes.The oven identified by Technology Council, specialists consistently cognizance that is has reached the International level.
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It can meet the technological requirements for production of different biscuits. The machine is heated with gas (LPG or natural gas) or Oil (Diesel / Furnace Oil) Fired imported Burners which gives rapid heating up, high efficiency and energy saving . The oven is divided into independent heat control zones whose number depends upon the overall length of the oven. The top and bottom temperature of each zone can be preset and adjusted to reach heating demand of baking different biscuit.The colour, scent and taste of biscuits is overall improved to a higher grade.
The biscuit baking oven body consists of steel steam tight tunnel with equally divided zones of the radiators. Stainless steel expansion joints are provided between these zones in order to eliminate the expansion of the oven section. The inspection doors are provided for inspection of the baking goods during the process.
Firing Chambers
The complete chamber of biscuit making oven will be insulated with miner wall filled from outside to conserve heat and increase efficiency. The fully automatic imported burner shall be fitted to the chamber and the temperature shall be controlled by automatic temperature controller on the control panel.
The complete biscuit making oven will be covered with 10" thick mineral wool insulation from top, bottom and the sides. The bottom portion of the oven at the sides will be covered with CRC sheets for the conveyor protection and to avoid heat loss.
Baking System
The baking in the heating chamber of biscuit baking oven takes place by radiators located under and above the wire mesh band which distribute heat for uniform baking. The recirculation heating gases of these radiators can be controlled for each zone separately. The closed recirculation system is having slight vacuum so that combustion gases can not enter into the baking chamber. The ventilating fan is for circulation of the heating gases through the recirculation system and thermostatically controlled burners provide the set temperature of the heating gases.
All the circulating fans are fabricated from M.S. & S.S. and will be well balanced to avoid vibration and will give noise free operation in high speeds.
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