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Single Trolley Rotary Rack Oven

The Rotary Rack Oven is equipped with a two way steamer that enables abundant steam..Also thicker materials have been used in this machine to maintain the absorbed heat and reduce at least 40% of burner ignition and consumption. The burner has to be selected according to the fuel that is used LPG / Diesel.

Salient features
Lower fuel consumption
Uniform colour
Consistent Baking.
Easy to operate
Completely built with stainless steel

Firing Chamber
The complete Firing chamber will be insulated with mineral wool filled from out side to conserve heat and increase efficiency. The firing chambers Shell fabricated out of stainless steel. The Oven can maintain temperature up to 315° and temperature rises from room temperature to 225° in just 25 minutes.
Heat Circulation
The hot air is distributed evenly into the Oven by a blower fan and oven's rotary movements provide even & uniform baking at all levels of the rack. Oven has an indirect diesel fired heating system so that burnt gases do not come in contact with the baking products. The fully automatic imported burner will be fitted to the chamber and the temperature controlled by automatic temperature controller, fitted on the control panel.
A full stainless steel door provides with heat resistance silicone gasket that sealed the door and gains heat of the oven.
The complete oven will be covered with mineral wool insulation and Mild steel or Stainless steel covers to avoid heat loss.
The oven body consists of mild steel. The structure of oven is stand on angle frame and the all side of oven will be covered with Mild steel or Stainless steel sheets.
The Stainless Steel doors are provided with Toughened glass and interior light for the inspection during the process..
The baking product is to be put in trays, which are placed in the rack, which rotates at a low RPM through a system of gearbox and motor, located at the top of the Oven
Three Phase Electricity required for running the system. Electrical controls indicators and starters will be fitted on the control panel.
The circulating fan will be well balanced to avoid vibration and will give noise free operation in high speeds
Temperature Control
A digital indicating controller maintains temperature in the Oven, which comes with safety thermostat and a timer along with a hooter that helps in baking cycle.
Oven Specifications
Note: Maximum Temperature 315° C for all models
Capacity per batch approx
Note: The dimensions and specifications are subject to the modifications due to continues up-gradation and technological advancement
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