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Planetary Mixer for Cookies, Cakes & Cream

The Planetary mixer is ideal for producing cookies, cakes and cream.This mixer is designed for high speeds and has sturdy exterior. It comes with a stainless steel bowl with scrapper, three steps of agitators, flat beater, whisk and its specialities include electronic variable spee.

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Salient Features

Variation in speed from 5% to 100% of rated RPM achieved electronically.
Mixing time 20 to 25 min / batch Higher yield than conventional machine.
Fine quality texture for the finished product.
40% power saving.
Timer for uniformity in batches.

Model Bowl in Ltr Capacity in Kgs. Motor H.P.
PL-20 20 10 2
PL-40 40 20 3
PL-60 60 30 4
PL-100 100 50 5
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