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Sl. No. Customer’s Name  Place Size of Oven Type of Oven
1. Laxmi Products Nepal 33”x60’ Direct
2. Marry Food Products Nuziveedu, A.P. 33”x100’ Direct
3. Champion Confectionery Mumbai 33”x45’ Indirect
4. A.P.S. Food Hyderabad 18”x50’ Direct
5. Rajni Food Products Hyderabad 33”x70’ Indirect
6. Bell Biscuits Co Hyderabad 33”x60’ Direct
7. Raj Food Products Bidar, Hyderabad 33”x60’ Indirect
8. Anand Food Products Hyderabad 33”x35’ Direct
9. Orissa Confectionery Pvt.Ltd. Orissa 33”x60’ Direct
  10. Orissa Confectionery Pvt.Ltd. Orissa 33”x100’ Indirect
11. Sri Venkateshwara Industries Orissa 33”x45’ Indirect
12. Paras Food Coimbatore 33”x60’ Direct
13. Uma Food Products Narasaraopet, A.P. 18”x50’ Indirect
14. Alka Biscuits Company Ahmedabad 24”x80’ Indirect
15. Durga Food Products Patna 33”x100’ Indirect
16. Time Food Products Patna 33”x70’ Indirect
17. Sri Balaji Industries Orissa 48”x40’ Direct
18. Sri Shakti Ganesha Food Productc Banglore 24”x60’ Direct
19. Ankit Biscuits Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 33”x210’ Indirect
20. Biking Food Products Hyderabad 33”x70’ Indirect
21. Rainbow Products Pvt.Ltd. Patna 33”x100’ Indirect
22. Franko Food Products Pondichery 24”x80’ Indirect
23. Eastern Confectionery Pvt.Ltd. Orissa 33”x105’ Indirect
24. Sri Sai Food Products Kandukur, A.P. 18’x50’ Indirect
25. R.K.Food Products Patna 33”x95’ Indirect
26. Sumo Food Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 33”x175’ Indirect
27. Pushti Food Products Hyderabad 33”x70’ Indirect
28. Sai Krishna Food Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 33”x70’ Indirect
29. Rex Food Products Hyderabad 33”x65’ Indirect
30. Koel Food Process Mysore 33”x60’ Direct
31. Deep Food Products Bhuvaneshwar 4”x60’ Indirect
32. Deepak Biscuits Bhuvaneshwar 24”x50’ Indirect
33. Harsh Bakers Hyderabad 33”x150’ Indirect
34. Badami Food Hyderabad 48”x160’ Indirect
35. Bunty Products Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 33”x110’ Indirect
36. Luxmi Food Product Pvt Ltd. Adilabad,A.P. 33”x105’ Indirect
37. Mascon Food Products Pvt.Ltd. Cuttack 33”x110’ Indirect
38. Amruth Food Products Bangalore 24”x55’ Indirect
39. Marine Food Patna 33”x70’ Indirect
40. Paras Food Products Coimbatore 33”x70’ Indirect
41. Vinayaka Food Products Tamilnadu 18”x50’ Indirect
42. J.B.R Bakers Rajasthan 18”x50’ Indirect
43. Sonali Food Products Kolkata 33”x65’ Indirect
44. Eastern Confectionery Pvt.Ltd. Orissa 33”x55’ Indirect
45. Harsh Bakers Hyderabad 33”x150’ Indirect
46. Badami Foods Kattedan, Hyd 48”x215’ Indirect
47. Paro Food Products Hyderabad 33”x105’ Indirect
48. Olympic Biscuits Bangladesh 39”x150’ Indirect
49. Abhinav Food Products Assam 48”x150’ Indirect
50. Somu Foods Hyderabad 48”x150’ Indirect
51. Koel Food Mysore 33”x100’ Indirect
52. Uttara Food Pune 48”x140’ Indirect
53. Coronet Food Hyderabad 33”x116’ Indirect
54. Veeramani Biscuit Co. Hyderabad 33”x25’ Indirect
55. Kamla Food Hyderabad 48”x285’ Indirect
56. Vinpack India Pvt.Ltd. (Britania) Banglore 48”x250’ Indirect
57. Paramount Nutrition India Pvt.Ltd. Banglore 48”x300’ Indirect
58. Raj Sri Food Pvt.Ltd. Banglore 33”x285’ Indirect
59. Ravi Food Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 160”x160’ Indirect
60. Craze India Pvt.Ltd. Madurai 48”x225’ Indirect
61. Elite Natural Pvt.Ltd. Tamil Nadu 48”x160’ Indirect
62. Navnidi Food Products Aurangabad 48”x216’ Indirect
63. Chanumdi Food Pvt.Ltd. Tamil nadu 33”x175’ Indirect
64. Ravi Food Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 48”x140’ Indirect
65. Sree Engineering Works Malaysia 33”x50’ Direct
66. Sree Engineering Works Singapore 48”x100’ Direct
67. Sree Engineering Works Africa 33”x60’ Direct
68. Sree Engineering Works Russia 48”x100’ Direct
69. SunBeam Machine India Pvt.Ltd. Tanzania 33”x100’ Indirect
70. Sunbeam Machine India Pvt.Ltd. Malabi 33”x120’ Electric Oven
71. Raj Group Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 33”x70’ Indirect
72. Amrutha Vally Food Products Puttur, A.P. 33”X105’ Indirect
73. Poshak Food Hyderabad 33”x105’ Indirect
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